Hi, I’m Victoria A. Morgan. I am the owner and CEO of IMPACT STRATEGIC GROUP,  and VICTORIA A. MORGAN LEADERSHIP ACADEMY.  I am an award-winning multi-faceted entrepreneur, angel investor and author with a passion for empowering individuals to lead in their purpose and lead with confidence.  I believe in the importance of giving back and have made it my mission to help others in leadership roles to conquer their challenges and fears so they can make an impact in their business, communities, and lives.   I have combined my work as a mentor, leadership and business coach and public speaker into VICTORIA A.MORGAN LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, a go-to resource for women who want to lead impactful lives, businesses and careers while growing in their personal and spiritual lives. Drawing from my education in law, my knowledge of business, and leadership experience I am committed to guiding individuals to achieve impact within their teams, organizations, careers, and business.  In my personal time you can find me leading Sisters in Christ Empowerment Ministry. (SICEM)

I speak on leadership and success strategies for business start-up and growth and also provide private executive coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs, professionals, team leaders, associations and non-profits.

Victoria a. Morgan is the author of Destiny Fulfilled by Faith and the co-author of Confessions of a single Mother.  She is an exceptional example of a woman who had a dream and a passion to be more than what her environment told her she’d be and she didn’t.

Victoria knew she had a purpose.  She knew she was created to do and be more than what she was told she would be.  She went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts Degree from York University.  She further obtained A law degree from the United Kingdom and a Masters in law from Gould Law, California.

Because of this, she knows what it is like to feel stuck, to need a push, to need inspiration and motivation.  She knows and understands the value of a great message and how a message can change someone’s perspective and ultimately their lives.



  • Your audience will be captivated
  • They will be inspired to lead
  • They will become more passionate
  • Your audience will be thrilled
  • And YOU will get all the praise!


  • Creating the right workplace
  • Reducing stress and Anxiety
  • Communicating and working effectively as a team to achieve results
  • Business growth
  • Law and business
  • Lead with Impact


Victoria is an executive coach. She will coach you toward your career goals, your dreams, values and passion.  Whether you want to start a business, become a better leader or move up in your career, she will encourage you to dream of the possibilities while reflecting on your core values, passion and desired legacy.

Victoria is a transformational coach. Her coaching style is compassionate which stimulates positive emotional attractors that helps you open to new ideas and perceptions.  She takes a holistic approach to coaching.

Victoria takes a pragmatic approach with solving problems that often stunt a new or existing business.  Along with her team of professionals and experts, she helps you develop business skills, knowledge and strategic planning to start, grow or scale your business.

Is your team lacking motivation? Need inspiration? Or do you need to take your business to the next level?

Victoria will help you set the direction and culture of your business, association or team. A true visionary, she will inspire your vision or help you map out where you need to be so you can be successful as a team or an organization.

Success Programs books, business courses, workshops, webinars

Get all the tools you need to succeed in starting and growing your business, leadership training in the Academy, business courses and free resources, professional and self-development courses, and much more!


“A captivating read that will have you feeling empowered from beginning to end!” 


I can’t say enough about Victoria.  I travelled all the way from the UK just to have a one-on-one private session with Victoria.  She helped me get clear on my business idea as well as my professional career.  Because of her help, I was able to start my own personal training company and also continue the path of my legal career as a solicitor.

Because of Victoria I was able to see my dream com true.  She and her amazing team helped my business partner and I start our very first business.  She help us develop our idea, register and incorporate our partnership and grow our business within six months to 6 figures.  What I admire about Victoria is that she is dedicated to her clients and you are always important to her.


Victoria provided exceptional coaching and consulting services.  I highly recommend her! She motivated me to go forward with my own show “The Karen Carrington Show” when the opportunity arose.  She is truly inspirational.



I can’t say enough about Victoria.  She is committed to what she does.  A true visionary, Victoria sees what you cannot see. She tells you like it is.  I hired Victoria for her coaching and mentoring service.  My life has never been the same.  She helped me achieve all my dreams and goals in both my personal and professional life.  She is a true transformational coach and leader.  I am also a member of her Women’s Empowerment Ministry.  I look forward to her monthly sessions.

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