Hi, I’m VICTORIA! I am the founder of Victoria A. Morgan Leadership Academy. I am an award-winning multi-faceted entrepreneur and author with a passion for empowering women to live purpose-driven lives. Inspired by grandparents who emphasized the importance of education, I earned a Bachelor of Arts from York University (Canada), a Bachelor of Laws from Coventry University (UK), and a Master of Laws from the University of Southern-California Gould-School (USA). I am a true believer in the power of knowledge. My education has been integral to helping me avoid the pitfalls that often stunt the success of even the most brilliant business ideas.

Still, I’m no stranger to the challenges of navigating the world of business. When I founded my first company, Finistra Canada Inc., more than a decade ago, I was frustrated by a lack of affordable resources and guidance available to young and first-time entrepreneurs. Everything from drafting contracts to direction on simple processes came at a great cost. I found myself pouring out money and time I could hardly afford to build my business.

Today, through faith and perseverance, I am the owner and CEO of two businesses. I believe in the importance of giving back and have made it my mission to help other women conquer their challenges and build their businesses. I have combined my work as a mentor, business coach and public speaker in VAMLA, a go-to resource for women who want to venture into business while growing in their personal and spiritual lives. Drawing from my education in law, my knowledge of business, and my experience as a single mother of three wonderful boys, I am committed to being a dependable and accessible source of support, guidance and information for every woman who is ready to learn, develop and lead.

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